Esmeralda Angel Glass Tea Light Candle Holder

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Our Esmeralda Guardian Angel Candle Holder, is made from hand cut and decorated glass,which is kiln fired. Features hand painted  painted detail and iridescent wings. 

Esmeralda , is the angel that helps us to overcome inclemency in life. Those adversities that we were not prepared to live. The angel of hope, teaches us that for everything there is a reason. It takes away the sense of defeat and helps us transform projects into great achievements.

Approximately 70 x 90 mm and 600 mm deep. Each will vary slightly from photos due to its handmade nature. 

A donation of £2 of every angel sold goes to our local Ms Center to help them in these difficult times and the struggle ahead, to financially raise funds due to cancelled fundraisers as a knock on affect from covid 19.