Why aren't we game fair?

Over the last few years I have pulled away from doing larger fairs. My main reason for doing so was of course due to becoming a mum. I was asked in an email the other day why I am no longer doing the big shows……..? 

So for any of you who are not a creative business here is a little insight to my world. These large shows for a small stand cost a large fee, plus marketing and payment for power/lights. All in all a show like those I have been doing ( I don’t want to name and risk backlash) cost around £3000 for 4 days. This doesn’t include any hours of time, which ends up being a 5 day event as it’s a day to set up. I have always be fortunate to have people help me so this doesn’t include any wages, food , parking….the list goes on but I am sure you get the idea. 

I would have to sell over 200 pieces to even break even on that basic figure and this is just the fee cost, no materials or hours of  making time even thought about yet….. so yes I have to have about 1000 pieces to make it worth even doing. To have that amount of stock takes me months, working full time at it. 

So for me right not it is just not feasible, especially only currently working part time. So the only winner here would be those selling the pitch…they get their fee, the customer is happy as they get beautiful work but sadly I end up beavering away and being a crazy stress head for what would be pennies. I know it’s not all about sales and it’s a good marketing event but it’s a hard way of raising your creative game.

It does make me sad not to see all you lovely people and I have met lots of lovely people at these events. And I have also been fortunate to have established a very loyal following from such events.

My last fair made me feel a bit frustrated as I felt the feel of it had been a little lost. The type of produce there no longer had a unique feel. And it’s hard to stand out as a handmade creative surrounded by bought in goods. 

I’m not writing this to justify my decision, just trying to give a bit of an insight as to why….?  Sometimes our paths change direction and we have to be open minded and embrace the change as it comes.  And enjoy the new adventure that arises from it X



21/11/2019 by Isabel Scott

Totally understand Kirsty and we get the best of you locally. Isabel xx

21/11/2019 by Holly A Davis

Hi, I am from the US and have not attended the fairs to which you speak. I found you on facebook which has thrilled me to no end seeing how creative you are and sharing in that platform. I am retired now but know how life changes. Life is change. I am thankful you have chosen the best path for you at this time. In the US...not sure if you have it too...we have a saying; Ride the horse in which it is going. I love your direction. Thank you. Holly

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