Argyll, Scotland Glass Artist Journey

When you Can't See The Woods For The Trees............

I am slowly finding my focus again and moving on from the Harrogate show in a positive way. I’ve begun to think differently about a lot of things. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world. Getting out in the forest for a walk every morning, with my two four legged companions, is a fabulous way to start the day. It’s where, and when, a lot of my thoughts coalesce, and ideas form, and I get inspiration for what I would like to share. Seeing the morning light stream down through the trees bringing the forest to life.

Last week, a lady who I haven’t met, but been chatting via Facebook over the last few weeks, wrote a lovely comment on my last Blog post. It rather stirred up my emotions, making me feel quite teary, particularly this bit:

'I really liked your idea of The Little Things because it is our attention to those little things in life and nature that we should be noticing and celebrating. So good luck with it all and just remember that as the magnolia blossomed after a cold and dark winter to bring joy to you, so you have the same capability to spark that joy in others.’

The bit about blossoming after a cold dark winter, prompted me to think about light, and just how important it is to my work as a glass artist. Instinctively, when I pick up a bit of seaglass lying on a beach, the first thing I do is hold it up to the sun to see the light through it, bringing the colour and texture to life. It is that light that keeps me going It’s a gut feeling, predisposition, a compulsion that makes me to do this. It’s instinctive.. And I hold on to that when things get a little dark, and never give up hope, I look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Recently we took in a new dog, he literally crossed our path, lost on a cold, dark night. He has lived with us for a few months now, at first he was very timid and wary of people, scared of his own shadow. However, this last week, he found his voice, and barked, not sure who got more of a fright him or me! It was refreshing to see, and a good example that of hope, for this beautiful creature to be in a dark place, scared and shy, to blossom and bloom, clearly more relaxed in his new environment. If he can move forward , then indeed I can too.

Let there be light
So staying on that positive note I have recently had some new commissions for stained glass windows. which I am really looking forward to getting started, and I have almost finished the glass tiles for a bathroom I have been working on the last few weeks.
I am very much enjoying working on ‘The Little Things ‘collection and have begun to lead up ‘Ruby Red’ and I’ve fired some test pieces for ‘Magnificent Magnolia’
The Kirsty Allsopps Handmade Fair is only 3 weeks away, so I’m starting to focus on work for that, I have had a few enquiries from people about the show, which has perked me up no end, and I’m looking forward to meeting new customers.
I have released some new workshop dates, they have been well received, which is fabulous. Have a look here for more details.
So along with spring it feels like things are beginning to flow again and I’m certainly moving forward.

I heard this quote on the radio recently, ‘By the yard it’s hard, but by the inch it’s a cinch’, it’s has stuck in my head, resonating as it does with my current feelings. Whilst Harrogate turned out to be a giant leap in the wrong direction, it seems it was important to take that wrong path for a short time as I have discovered that I need make small stable steps built on solid foundations not giant unpredictable leaps. Which is just as well as I only have small feet and little legs!
Having the chance to sit back and think about the experience has brought clarity. Whilst I had felt that, after all these years, it was the way to take my business, it turns out it wasn’t. So I’m sticking with what I can manage and enjoy. I am appreciating my work a whole lot more. I really enjoy focusing on creating one off, bespoke, pieces for my customers, and to be able to create beautiful, original pieces of glass to suit everyone’s budget. This is what I need to remember, not lose focus, lose my way, or my passion, to stumble and fall, but, if I do, I need to dust myself down and get on the right path again!



25/04/2017 by Jane

Beautifully written and creatively articulate Kirsty, I'm enjoying the flow and natural style to your blog along with hearing about your personal journey and your work. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world with us!

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