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The Dreaded TO DO List............

A few times lately I have become a little stressed and resulting in feeling under pressure. I am a list person, I write lists for everything. I have a TO Do list for each day and a week plan. Also a year plan…….done in January and put in a draw until the following January when I can reflect on what was achieved.

However it’s a never ending To Do list and I began to feel anxious it wasn’t going down. After having a few days rest in the sun I was able to reflect. Now I see things in a completely different light. If I had an empty To Do list, there would be nothing to do, a far worse scenario. So actually I am succeeding and not drowning under a pile of lists. As long as the items on the list change, all be it some slower movers than others, then I am succeeding. As work is ticking along and things are flowing. The trick is not allowing them to become stagnant.

I have had several enquiries now from galleries and one definite order since The British Crafters Trade Fair…..a round of applause welcomed. However the response from the last show, Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair, has been immense. I have received many phone calls and emails with enquiries on where I will be exhibiting next. And I have also picked up by a few new events to look into. I am also in for an editorial Feature in Aspire Magazine, which is out now! So I have been busy updating my online shops. A job I have to say that isn’t one of my favourites, I would much rather be in the Studio creating. Online selling platforms are a world of the unknown to me and I struggle greatly with it but do my best. I have been accepted to sell online at Amazon Handmade but really struggling to get this all set up. Mainly due to Identity issues from moving house and all sorts of other wonderful things, leaves me to wonder if it is actually worth all the loop holes I’m having to jump. Anyone out there who has any advice on selling online , I would love to hear your thoughts, views , pointers…anything!! But I’m currently managing and actively updating Etsy andThe Made Makers. Love your thoughts as a buyer too, what platforms do you like and why? What would put you off buying? Encourage you to buy?

Only a few weeks until I hit the road again for Weston Under Wetherley NGS open gardens. Working on some new designs to show here as well as restocking. Bees…lots of bees!!
My beautiful garden is still full of inspiration every day, so much so I occasionally have to turn my creative brain to slow mode, as its full steam ahead and I can’t keep up. My sketch pad and camera are always at hand. I caught sight of one of our little Blue Tits nesting in the garden today. As it teetered on the edge of the nesting box debating whether or not to take flight, a moment I will be creating in my ‘Little Things’ collection.

Right, best be getting back to it. My (NOT so Dreaded)   ‘ TO DO’   list is calling me…………………..

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30/05/2017 by Kate MacDonald

Brilliant news Kirsty! You're going from strength to strength. Wonderful to see. Kxx

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