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Our Beginners Stained Glass Workshop

We ate, we drank,we laughed and we made!!

   What a fantastic first group I had attend my first stained glass beginners workshop.  We had such a giggle and the results were fantastic.  I am  not sure who enjoyed it more?  The panels were designed and made solely by them over two days.With some very different but equally beautiful results.

'A huge thank you to A Touch of Glass studio for an amazing weekend. I had no idea that it was possible for me to create something like this. But with endless talent, and phenomenal patience may I add, Kirsty was able to guide me through the thouroughly rewarding process.
I urge anyone who wants to learn something new to book a place on the courses and to give it a go!'



21/08/2017 by Magda

Good Morning, I would like ask about stained glass workshop. Do you have any plans? Any workshop on the future? I am making stained glass but I using just Tiffany method I am looking for place/person can teach me the other method. Could you let me know about any possibilities? Thank you for your help. Best regards Magda

03/01/2020 by СontractorDot

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