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It's A Handmade Affair~

It a Handmade affair…………

The Beginners workshop at the weekend went fantastically well, and some beautiful panels were produced. I am always amazed by the diversity of the designs. That’s the workshop weekends finished for now so I need to sit down with the diary and see when I can fit some more in, as they have been so popular. I get just as much enjoyment from the workshops as the students do. So I am thinking of offering single day workshops, a simpler design, smaller in size so that is can be finished in a day.
There is so much going on in nature just now, it’s giving me plenty of inspiration. The other day I was out in the garden and was struck by the beauty of a gorgeous red rhododendron in bloom.. Its bold colour and the wonderful formations of flower heads, has inspired a new piece. This is quite a departure from my normal style and colour, which if you know my work tend towards very soft hues, pastel colours, so this is a bold statement piece, using colours that put me a little out of my comfort zone. But sometimes this is a good thing, and I’m certainly happy with how it is going. The pieces are cut and been painted and are currently in the kiln. I hope they survive as I have had 2 power failures today!!
Other Events:
I am very excited and really looking forward to my next retail show. I’m heading to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire, for Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘Handmade Fair’ . I will get to show some of my new work, it will be a lovely environment and its retail so I’ll meet lovely people this time too! Therefore my thoughts are turning to this…what will people like to see? Buy? What might their budget be? These are questions you need to ask when doing this kind of event and never really know the answers to until you are there and experiencing it. Especially when it’s an event you haven’t done before.

What else have I been up to?
Sadly, although if I’m honest, not unexpectedly, I haven’t had any contact from the galleries at The British Craft Trade Fair, and I’m not really too sure what my next steps are with that, so I’m it to the back of my mind and not allowing it to cloud the good things that have been going on.
In the last few months my studio bench has been filled with two panels in need of restoration and love. Some pieces needed to be colour matched and replaced, some broken pieces need to be reinstated with matching hand painted pieces using traditional painting techniques. Both panels needed to be completely re leaded. When working on pieces like these you’re working with it completely flat and you don’t see the true beauty of the piece until the light passes through it when it’s finished then it shines in all its beauty and comes alive. Finally, after months of working on these panels, I delivered them at the weekend. The client was delighted and, I have to say, so was I. When we held them up in place, back in the big old door where they belong, they looked stunning. I felt overcome with emotion. To see something that had been so sad, broken, and dull, now shining, and glowing, and knowing that I had done this it was a very proud moment.
I am still having days where things are difficult, and frustrating as there is so much I want to do and make, but I must hold back until I can order new materials. However, I can enjoy my makers journey again, taking time to reflect has certainly helped and writing down ideas and sketching out designs for use in the future is bringing me much joy.



20/04/2017 by Kathy Nolan

Well Kirsty firstly I would like to say thank you for the two pieces I have recently purchased from you. The dragonfly lantern was a greatly appreciated gift for a recently bereaved friend and the other, a Moroccan style mirror was for me and I love it! It is beautiful. Doing business with you has been such a pleasure and I look forward meeting up with you at Ragley Hall at Kirsty's Handmade Fair next month. I know, as a fellow creative soul, how hard the creative journey can be and that's why I'm following your blog with interest. I have concluded that the best way forward is to focus upon what your creativity tells you and let it happen and somehow all the other side issues of the business will fall into place. If you become too distracted by the difficulties then you will potentially be unable to focus on the creative work. I do understand it's a bit 'chicken and egg' in terms of needing the resources to follow your art. I have complete faith in your work and as a very satisfied customer I can see your business will continue to grow. I really liked your idea of The Little Things because it is our attention to those little things in life and nature that we should be noticing and celebrating. So good luck with it all and just remember that as the magnolia blossomed after a cold and dark winter to bring joy to you, so you have the same capability to spark that joy in others.

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