Crinan Ferry, Argyll, Scotland

Gardening With heART

It sure has been a real busy couple of weeks here at the Studio, as I am preparing to return down south to Weston Under Wheterly. I am exhibiting there in my mums beautifully creative garden as part of The Open Gardens, National Garden Scheme. My mum is also very creative and expresses this creativity in her garden. So this weekend she is opening to the public and sharing her wonderful creation with you all. So if you are local please do come along as it’s a wonderful event. With plenty of lovely gardens to visit and inspire you. 

Orders are coming in online, which is fantastic and I am preparing an order for Inspirations Gallery in Lytham, St Annes. A new gallery displaying my work and to be delivered soon. Other inquiries from Galleries are trickling in too, although i am not sure if they’re from The British Crafters Trade Fair, Harrogate. But I’m happy none the less! I have also been creating lots of new pieces. Some created especially for the garden show, such as Woody the Woodpecker. But others designs and ideas just seem to arrive. I feel blessed at the moment with all these new ideas and inspiration is flowing. As an artist this is like sugar running through your blood…nectar. And I’m sure enjoying it. Because like all artists,no matter what media. I too can suffer from creative block at times.

I had a wonderful article in Aspire Magazine issue 481. And have since been nominated for an award. Which is very exciting and I feel honoured to have been put forward for it by the writers at Aspire. I will keep you all posted on how that goes.

This week I have had a few visitors at the Studio. I opened the studio doors one morning to be welcomed by a baby blue tit. Who quite happily let me catch him, with the intention of releasing him at the door. However he didn’t want to leave and clung on quite happily to my hand, while he composed himself. During which time we began to have a little chat. Cheeping away I carried him outside, where he was reunited with his mum. I had planned on doing a piece on blue tits, after discovering they are nesting at my kitchen window…..indeed I think he may well be one of those babies. But this little fellow (now named Bobby) seemed to be giving me a little nudge to get on and create that piece. I have since had a few visits from Bobby at the Studio door.

Then there was Susie, our red squirrel. Who I hadn’t seen for a while, but she returned to have her lunch of sunflower seeds from my window feeder. The boys, Jock and Shep ( four legged variety of boys) were most intrigued by her visit and quietly watched while she munched away.

I have also had human visitors at the studio this week, in the hope to see my work. But sadly at present I don’t have work on display permanently, as I don’t have the space. But it’s spurred me on to get my old shed rebuilt in the garden. And now a job on the To Do list. Unfortunately not a job I have the skills for so I will need to draft some help in there…………. watch this space.  


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