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Expecting the unexpected and time for reflection

It has been a long time since I touched in with you all and I apologise for that. What with the madness of the festive season and then the doom of January, there just didn’t seem to be time to write or the urge to if I am honest. I had an amazing Christmas this year, filled with plenty of new designs and my busiest year yet. Although exhausted from it, the glow inside is a priceless one. The sense of achievement for what is possible, even when you think you cannot go on anymore. Fellow creators will know what I mean by this! Then January hits with a bit of a bang, It’s hard to not get pulled into the blues that comes with it. This January very different for me than last year. For those who may not know yet, I am expecting our first child. And due in early march, a lovely little spring baby. 

So my thoughts this year are very different to last. January last year I decided to go full time on my glass art work. The month was filled with forward planning and dreaming. The what ifs and whys…should I and shouldn’t I, fear, excitement and trepidation. This year is too but of a very different nature, but still with the fear and excitement.

I am currently working on some commission pieces for windows and trying to build up some stock for the months ahead. When my hands will be full but not with glass. I am grateful to be lucky that these customers are very understanding, in that their project could be delayed at the drop of a hat, considering I am now 35 weeks and cruising towards my due date.

The end of last year saw the forming of The Christmas Collective. A group of fellow creators and sellers working together to create pop up Christmas events in our area of Argyll. Working as a team to help and support each other to create events that were not your usual craft fair. More show houses dressed with our creations and products, in beautiful settings without the craft feel.

This having worked so well we saw it as a pity to stop there. So with a bit of adapting as to what the group is and our aims we have now formed ‘Homestyle Argyll’

What is it?

Imaginative, Bespoke, Unique,Made with love

A collection of creatives! Homestyle Argyll is a group of creative women working together to share the stresses and strains, as well as the fun and laughter, of doing events and fairs together.
We all have commitments in our lives out with ‘work’ that can mean it can be difficult to develop our businesses the way we would ideally like to. By forming this collective, we have been able to pool our skills, share the stress, spread the costs, support and encourage each other.

So not only am I lucky enough to work with such lovely ladies on the same wavelength as me….most of the time, we all independently have our crazy time and a great laugh. This is a huge help given that I can’t single handily do a lot of work myself right now. And we can work together to help and support each other when needed, lift each other when lacking enthusiasm or motivation.
Working alone particularly in Argyll can be quite lonely, Due to its geographical challenges and isolation at times. Networking has recently become a big part of my life and a saviour in many ways.

January has passed with plenty of time to reflect on what did or didn’t work in the last year. And yes I made some mistakes but I learnt from them, brushed myself down and changed my direction. So although being a difficult year it was also the best year of A Touch of Glass Studio to date. Although this year will be very different, its journey will no doubt have a huge impact on me and my work. And I look forward to it with an open mind and great excitement to welcoming my finest creation yet…..that’s not made of glass x


07/02/2018 by Rosie Milne

Hi Kirsty Lovely to follow your continuing success and the passion you have for your artwork. Enjoy baby and all the good times to come. Rosie x

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