Forget Me Not, Glass Art Argyll

Capturing memories.............

Today when I was out walking my four legged friends, I ended up going on a bit of an emotional journey. There I was not really thinking much when I spotted a wee Daisy, a small highly undervalued flower I thought. Reminded me pleasantly of my childhood making daisy chains in the fields, removing petal one by one saying 'he loves me, he loves me not' and at school with friends. This lead on to me thinking of other flowers from childhood memories particularly a Buttercup and I remember holding it up to your friends chin to see if they liked butter. 

I thought back to as a child going over the fields with my brother and we had befriended a cow, who we had named Buttercup. She would come over to us when out walking the dog and would follow us around the field. One day my dad was with us and remembering as a child my dad getting Buttercup cuddles. But now as an adult seeing that actually Buttercup had gotten a bit over friendly. 

Thoughts and memories change. My memory of the story very different now as an adult to how it would have been as a child. Some parts of the story faded. I am sure as a child I would remember Buttercups number on her tag hanging from her ear, her distinctive features, perhaps eye colour and probably even what I had for breakfast that morning. But I am grateful for what I do remember. 

Sadness then creped in as I thought of those who lack memory, perhaps from an illness or trauma. Or memories of loved ones that slowly begin to fade, not as vibrant as they once had been in our minds. ……………’Forget me not’ sprang to mind.
Not particularly feeling inspired artistically by the humble little Daisy or the glowing Buttercup but inspired by the story they led me to ‘The Forget Me Not’. And helping me realise how precious memories and moments are. 

So my new piece will be based on ‘Collecting Memories’ and will not only include the pretty little flower but also memories and capturing them. Helping evoke the senses that help trigger us to remember. Whether it’s a smell, sound, vision or a thought using it to try and capture moments. I can’t create smells in glass, but I can vision and sound through the use of words that can be said out loud.

So what started out as a walk on a sunny day actually took me on a bit of a journey and one that I will share with you through my creations. Also I have decided that any creations I sell with ‘The Forget Me Not’ flower on them I will donate a percentage of the sale to Alzheimer's Research UK.

So as well as thinking .....................what am I making?

Well, I have completed ‘Ruby Red’ my very bold stained glass piece based on a Rhododendron. I am very happy with the outcome and enjoyed using the brighter colours. Work has begun on my Magnolia panel and I am ready to start leading her together. The Lily of the Valley piece’ The Bringer of Happiness’ is cut and ready to start hand painting.

You may have heard about the art exhibition that happens annually at Taynish Nature Reserve, organised by Scottish Natural Heritage and Artmap Argyll. I am lucky enough to be taking part again this year and have started working on my sculpture. I don’t want to give too much away, only that it will be a larger piece and a lot thicker that my normal work.
Creations are ongoing for Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘The Handmade Fair’ next week, bees, birds, butterflies and much, much more.

Here are few images to keep you all going:



02/05/2017 by Sue Chattwood

Looking forward to Taynish again this year Kirsty. Lovely idea. It's true what you say about seeing things differently as a child or adult. I had almost forgotten about little Forget-me-nots until I found some in our Kilmichael garden. I was so ridiculously pleased to see them again! Keep up the good work. Sue x

02/05/2017 by Norma Ross

Forget Me Not - what a lovely theme for another new foraging through nature project x

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