A Summer of Art, Puffins and Designing.

Here we are in autumn of this year and I can’t quite believe it. In my mind we are still back in May. As much as I love all the seasons the autumn is one of my favourites. The warmer light and the soft feeling of sleepy restfulness. Meaning cosy evenings by the fire and comfort food. Although it is one of my busiest times of year. Well usually, by now I am cramming all the Christmas events in my calendar and working non-stop on stock. But now things of course are a little different and I am ok with that. Part of me panics when I see what others are doing but then I remember what I am spending most of my time on now is more important than anything and that’s being a mum. So the guilt and panic passes and I take a deep breath, pat myself on the back for what I am managing to do. And smile as I feel the love in my heart that is motherhood. This for me has been hard as creating is what I always did but it’s now about learning to juggle and creating balance. 

However, I am back to work part time so I have been creating and there’s lots of new work. I seem to see inspiration all over just now and the ideas have a long time to grow in my mind before I can physically make them. I am discovering this is a good thing. And enjoying the process of playing with the ideas in my mind. My ideas seem to have developed a childlike nature too. Which is why I decided to join Usborne books at home. Enabling me to work and sell beautiful books from home . But when reading them and enjoying them, I like to let the characters from them develop. Creating some of them in glass, others are still ideas or inspirations for other work from some of the beautiful illustrations. So that’s where  'It’s All Part of The Story’ came from. 

The idea of sharing with you our love of books and how the stories feature in our day to day adventures and creative processes. I began a blog also which is based more on my journey with Ethan and being a mum. Although this glass blog and the Ethan blog overlap slightly, because I created them both, they are my babies.

As some of you know I attended a welding course in Glasgow in the evenings. Which I really enjoyed and feel inspired to take further, Sadly I only attended a few of the sessions as due to technical issues with equipment the course cancelled some sessions. And although other dates were offered it became too difficult juggling it with child care and I withdraw from the course. But I do hope to get back to it sometime. As feel it would be a great skill to add to my glass art.

Talking of courses I have been loving running our little taster ‘make your own’ workshops. I have run three types now. Christmas decoration making, lantern making and a glass painting one. All booked up within a day of releasing the dates and my second session have just filled up also. So I am definitely going to get a few more dates for you all. And some other courses will be running again come the New Year.

I am just about caught up now with my back log of work and want to express my thanks to those who have been so patient in waiting for those commissioned pieces and windows. I have loved getting back into some of the bigger pieces and currently getting stuck into some restoration work.

Christmas is of course in the back of my mind….but I am not pushing too hard this year on it. Most work will be made to order and I am only attending a few local events. Work will be available locally at ‘Love Dove Studio’ in Lochgilphead. So please do make sure you get your orders in early. I am trying to get some new work onto my website over the next few weeks but meanwhile my new pieces can be seen on facebook and Instagram.

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