One-of-a-Kind Glass Artwork


The Land and The Sea~ Dalriada Project

This was a community project, working with the local High School and collecting historical information on the local area.  The designs were then used and incorporated into one large panel.  Which was made by myself and installed in the local Hospital.  2500 x 3000mm in size and over 2000 pieces.....

Argyll Cup and Ring ~ Private residence

Based on the historical rock carvings of Argyll. Hand painted kiln fired and kiln cast then leaded window. Approximately 1200x500 mm in size

Botanical Tiles~ Private residence

Individually commissioned kiln worked tiles to customers specific requirements to match their newly refurbished bathroom.

House Sign~Charlotte's Web

Privately commissioned house signage.  Hand cut and kiln fired with gold detail.  Approximately 350 x 300 mm in size.

Fire~Candle stances

Handmade Oak bases with fluted glass tops  for holding tea light candle.

Owl Panel~Private Residence

Fused glass panel with hand painted and silk screen prited detail.  For a residential window 200 x 300 mm in size/

Restoration~ Private residence

A restoration piece involving re cutting and re leading followed by soldering and re cementing.

Nature Trail Tiles~ Private residence
This is a work in progress.  Individual tiles for a window sill, cupboard top and sink splash back.

Are you interested in your own unique piece of Glass art?
Then please contact Kirsty for a chat and we can work together to draw up a design that meets your requirements. Once a design has been chosen I will work to create a beautiful art piece especially for you or perhaps a loved one. We accept commissions of any size so please do get in touch.

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